Wind & Wing Adventures
Wind & Wing Adventures
Inspiration Through Connection With Nature


All of my workshops will have common features. We will use the natural history of the species we are photographing in order to better understand its behavior, while we deepen our understanding of the natural world. Creating interesting imagery that tells a unique story is the center point of good wildlife photography, and my hope is that everyone will walk away with a deeply meaningful experience and incredible photographs. In most of my workshops, plan to get dirty, and to travel well off the beaten trail.


Sliding Scale - Personal Workshop: Join me on along my travels

You want to take your photography to the next level, I can help. My sessions are specifically tailored to your skill level and interests.

Whether you need help finding and photographing a specific species, learning more about the natural history of an area, or are looking to sharpen your technique. I can provide a unique experience that will accelerate and enrich you photography practice.

Price: (0.00 - 50.00 usd$) per hour (minimum 2 hours)