Connection with the natural world is the most important part of my the creative process.  

My earliest photographs came from the a phone camera used in tandem with a 20 year old spotting scope rented from my university 4 years ago. Since the beginning of the adventure I have been slowly working towards capturing intimate moments in bird's lives. I have been working as a naturalist and ornithologist for 5 years, deeply immersing myself in the incredible ecosystems North America has to offer. All of my photos were taken with the highest respect to the animal, and I believe that creates a more intimate connection with the subject and a better photo. 

My deepest desire is to open up a doorway into the lives of birds, while displaying the sheer diversity of birdlife on the planet. Conservation efforts begin with an affinity for the organism we hope to serve, I hope my work helps people connect with and eventually love the organisms that I care so deeply for.